Costa Rica – Lessons Learned Coding Abroad

1. Start the day with a healthy breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast

2. Take many small breaks and enjoy the atmosphere

Taking a small break

3. Explore early on – plan later in the week

Exploring the area

4. Find a couple of small adventures to take just to make things fun

Taking a small trip to make things fun

5. Designate time for fun and time for hacking

Time for fun and time for hacking - Pura Vida!

6. Have a few features to hack on

It’s easier to focus on features. During our “hackation” we hacked on:

  1. SQOOP-1852: Kafka Connector
  2. SQOOP-1590: PostgreSQL Repository
  3. SQOOP-1859: MySQL Fast Connector
  4. SQOOP-1156: HBase Connector
  5. And few blog posts too!

7. Have a review buddy

Our review buddy looks a bit like a Racoon

8. Find the perfect hack house

We found the perfect hack-house

Here are a few tips to make sure you choose the right place:

  1. Not too expensive
  2. Close to something fun (the beach)
  3. Lots of spaces to sit and hack
  4. Great wireless
  5. Close to a grocery store
  6. Valdiate extensions chords and powerstrips

9. Code outdoors – Bring mosquito repellent

Ingest team hard at work

10. Make sure everything is OK

Making sure everything is ok

Extra: It is possible to code after drinking

El Be Hammock

Drinking. We'll code later.

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