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2014-12-25 16.50.40

Kerberos support in Sqoop2

Sqoop2 has a new security framework, which includes support for: Simple authentication Kerberos authentication This blog post will detail how to setup Sqoop2 with Kerberos. Bringing Kerberos support in Sqoop2 was a co-engineering effort of Intel and Cloudera. TLDR Setup Set the following configuration properties in sqoop.properties. Make sure the principals and keytab provided exist. org.apache.sqoop.authentication.kerberos.principal=sqoop/_HOST@ org.apache.sqoop.authentication.kerberos.keytab=/home/kerberos/sqoop.keytab org.apache.sqoop.authentication.kerberos.http.principal=HTTP/_HOST@ org.apache.sqoop.authentication.kerberos.http.keytab=/home/kerberos/sqoop.keytab…