Big Data Day LA 2015 – Interview with Subash D’Souza

I had the pleasure of getting to know Subash through various big data events, most notably the HBase User Group LA meetup, which he organizes. I wasn’t surprised when I heard he’s organizing a big data conference in LA. I thought this was pretty cool and decided to reach out and ask him a few questions. Enjoy!


1. What kinds of cool use-cases do you see out there?

The IoT (Internet of Things) paradigm has forced a mindset shift in thinking about using technologies. A lot of cool use cases are being generated from this mindset shift. Online advertising was one of the forefront adopters of big data technologies due to the amount of data that was generated to make ads more relevant. That meant understanding more about the consumer and their preference. These models are now being applied across various industries as the IoT generates more data about consumer related behavior. From making devices more intelligent about the consumer to understanding what the next big hit in technology or in people interests, big data and data science technologies will be driving the adoption further of IoT.

2. Why LA for the conference?

LA is the second largest metropolitan city in the US.  Hence, there is a huge workforce pool from which companies can tap into. LA has been has been ranked sixth in the Global Cities Index and 9th in the Global Economic Power Index. LA has always been known for the entertainment/movie industry. But it’s also home to several defense, aerospace, automotive, fashion, apparel and several others. With such thriving industries, data has become an important aspect of how these industries make their decisions. Having a conference that addresses these made sense.

3. What type of industries are getting interested in big data?

Big Data for a long time was relegated to only the startups and bleeding edge technology companies but in recent years, Data driven analysis, data science and decision making has been adopted more and more by several industries. I see job requests coming from entertainment, aerospace, automotive, defense and even industries that are not known for pursuing data technologies such as the apparel industry but there is a big push to making every data driven and the volume of data that is generated is pushing the need to adopt big data technologies

4. What are the Hadoop adoption rate trends?

There has been massive adoption among the companies in LA for Hadoop/Big Data and Data Science related technologies. A lot of the companies that have already adopted it have production jobs running atop it. Other industries are starting to POC/test the waters around Big Data technologies to see how they can derive actionable insight from their data.

5. Which topics are trending? Which technologies went out of style?

There has been a big interest in Spark over the past year and rightfully so. I think there were too many competing technologies out there that people were clamoring for something that didn’t require too many cooks in the kitchen. Spark has one framework that can satisfy most of the requirements out there and hence it has become a popular choice among industry folks as a technology to go to. I also see Data Science being adopted more widely by the various industries not just in LA but all over. Data Science has impact on any industry that has data which need not necessarily be Big Data. I think that has been the key in general to its massive adoption when every industry just questions, “Can I get actionable insights from the data I just have?” I haven’t seen as such any particular technology go out of style. I think most technologies are being driven by use cases. I do see , though, multiple technologies around the same problem sets so there may be some fragmentation but it also means there is no one monopoly around the big data industry.

Subash Says…

Big Data Day LA runs June 27th in Playa Vista. With over 45 talks and 6 keynotes, come learn about Big Data, Data Science, Hadoop/Spark, NoSQL and Business Use Cases that are driving the transition to actionable insights among the various industries from industry leaders and thought experts. It is completely free and will get sold out.


Check out Big Data Day LA. It seems legit.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or send a note to!

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