What is Confusing About Kafka?

I think Kafka is pretty simple. There are topics, producers write messages to topics and consumers read them. The rest is implementation details. My favorite reaction from my colleagues when they learn Kafka is “Is that it? I thought its difficult and put aside an entire week to learn this! Why does everyone make such…

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Integrating Apache NiFi with Apache Kafka

A couple of weeks ago, Joey Echeverria wrote a fantastic blog post about how to get started with Apache NiFi (Incubating), available at http://ingest.tips/2014/12/22/getting-started-with-apache-nifi/ . In it, Joey outlines how to quickly build a simple dataflow that automatically picks up any data from the /dropbox directory on your computer and pushes the data to HDFS. He…

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Getting Started With Kafka – Resources

We get a lot of questions on the lines of “Kafka is awesome, can you point me to few resources to help me get started?” I don’t know any book I can recommend, but there are lots of resources online. Kafka documentation is fantastic: http://kafka.apache.org/documentation.html Especially the quick-start guide: http://kafka.apache.org/documentation.html#quickstart If you are looking for information on…