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Sqoop2 integration with Sentry

Sqoop2 finally supports Role Based Access Control (RBAC) as described in this blog post. Similarly, Apache Sentry added bindings for Sqoop2 to provided RBAC as a service. Installing Sentry Sqoop integration will be released as part of Sentry 1.6.0. Until then, this feature is available in trunk: $ git clone $ mvn clean install –DskipTests…

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Role Based Access Control in Sqoop2

Brief Introduction Sqoop 2 has recently added several security features in Sqoop 1.99.6 release, that enables its use in environments where security concerns have to be addressed, this includes: Simple authorization 3rd party authorization through Sentry This blog post will detail how to setup Sqoop2 with role based access control. Role based access control development in Sqoop2 was a…

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Managing passwords in Sqoop

Sqoop makes it easy to transfer data in and out of Hadoop. In this post, we’ll cover the different options available for managing passwords, with the exception of data source specific integration such as oracle wallet. Motivation Here’s a basic Sqoop command: sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql:// –username sqoop –password sqoop –table tbl The username and password are both…

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Kerberos support in Sqoop2

Sqoop2 has a new security framework, which includes support for: Simple authentication Kerberos authentication This blog post will detail how to setup Sqoop2 with Kerberos. Bringing Kerberos support in Sqoop2 was a co-engineering effort of Intel and Cloudera. TLDR Setup Set the following configuration properties in Make sure the principals and keytab provided exist. org.apache.sqoop.authentication.kerberos.principal=sqoop/_HOST@ org.apache.sqoop.authentication.kerberos.keytab=/home/kerberos/sqoop.keytab org.apache.sqoop.authentication.kerberos.http.principal=HTTP/_HOST@ org.apache.sqoop.authentication.kerberos.http.keytab=/home/kerberos/sqoop.keytab…